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Challenging the presumption of diminished capacity to parent: Does divorce really change parenting practices? Publication 08/04/2011 - 14:54 divorce, National, parents
Benefits of Cultural Matching in Foster Care Publication 03/24/2016 - 19:28 ethno-cultural, foster care, intervention & prevention, Manitoba, out-of-home care, parents
Parental Involvement During the Placement of a Child in Family Foster Care: Factors Associated with the Continuation of Parental Roles Publication 03/24/2016 - 19:37 foster care, intervention & prevention, out-of-home care, parents, Quebec, worker client relationship
Disciplining Children in Québec: Parenting norms and practices in 2004 Publication 03/24/2016 - 19:38 child abuse & neglect, corporal punishment, intervention & prevention, parents, Quebec
Differential-Maternal Parenting Behavior: Estimating Within- and Between-Family Effects on Children Publication 08/17/2011 - 11:10 families & communities, parenting & family factors, parents
Evaluating the effectiveness of “Beyond the Basics” Parenting Groups Publication 03/24/2016 - 19:36 intervention & prevention, Ontario, parents, program evaluation, training
Parent Mutual Aid Organizations in Child Welfare Demonstration Project: A Report of Outcomes Publication 03/24/2016 - 19:41 child welfare system, foster care, intervention & prevention, out-of-home care, outcomes, parents, resource families
Characteristics of Sexually Abused Children and Their Nonoffending Mothers Followed by Child Welfare Services: The Role of a Maternal History of Child Sexual Abuse Publication 08/16/2017 - 11:57 child abuse & neglect, intergenerational, parenting & family factors, parents, Quebec, sexual abuse
L’évaluation de la négligence émotionnelle chez les nourrissons Publication 03/24/2016 - 15:25 assessment, attachment, child abuse & neglect, child development, emotional maltreatment, infants, intervention & prevention, neglect, parents
Motivation to Join and Benefits from Participation in Parent Mutual Aid Organizations Publication 03/24/2016 - 19:42 foster care, intervention & prevention, out-of-home care, parents