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ECI-2008 : Méthodologie Publication 08/05/2018 - 10:57 CIS, National, research methods
Data Construction and Analytic Methods for Large Child Maltreatment Data Sets Publication 08/10/2011 - 19:47 CIS, National, outcomes, QIS, research methods
CIS-2008: Study methodology Publication 08/05/2018 - 10:57 CIS, National, research methods
Surveillance en protection de la jeunesse: le tango des chiffres Publication 08/11/2011 - 13:55 child abuse & neglect, outcomes, Quebec, recurrence, research methods
Substance Use among Adolescents in Child Welfare versus Adolescents in the General Population: A Comparison of the Maltreatment and Adolescent Pathways (MAP) Longitudinal Study and the Ontario Student Drug Use Survey (OSDUS) Datasets Publication 08/21/2011 - 19:01 child abuse & neglect, National, research methods, substance abuse, trauma
Better understand to better serve: A province-wide knowledge mobilization initiative in child protection Publication 03/23/2017 - 14:07 child welfare system, community-based research, knowledge transfer, National, out-of-home care, Quebec, research methods
Validation of the French Version of the CTQ and Prevalence of the History of Maltreatment Publication 08/22/2011 - 16:17 child abuse & neglect, co-occurrence, emotional maltreatment, neglect, Quebec, research methods
The SDQ as a mental health measurement tool in a Canadian sample of looked-after young people Publication 03/24/2016 - 18:39 foster care, mental health, National, out-of-home care, research methods
Étude canadienne sur l'incidence des signalements de cas de violence et de négligence envers les enfants – ECI-2008 : Guide practique Publication 08/26/2013 - 17:18 CIS, CIS-2008, National, research methods
Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect 2003 (CIS-2003): Major Findings Publication 02/22/2017 - 11:56 Aboriginal, child abuse & neglect, CIS, National, research methods