Families & Communities

This section contains material on socioeconomic and other family and community factors related to children and families involved with child welfare services.

Title Authors Yearsort icon Type of Publication
Developmental and Cultural Assets and Resilient Outcomes in First Nations Young People in Care: An Initial Test of an Explanatory Model

Filbert, Katharine
Flynn, Robert J.

2010 Journal article
Manitoba children affected by parental alcohol abuse and FASD: Health care costs

Gough, Pamela
Fuchs, Don

2010 Information sheet
Exploring mediating factors in the association between parental psychological distress and psychosocial maladjustment in adolescence

Roustit, Christelle
Campoy, Eric
Chaix, Basile
Chauvin, Pierre

2010 Journal article
Your policies our children: Messages from refugee parents to child welfare workers and policy makers

Dumbrill, Gary C.

2009 Journal article
More Than a Playmate, Less than a Co-Parent: Fathers in the Canadian BSW Curriculum

Walmsley, Christopher
Strega, Susan
Brown, Leslie
Dominelli, Lena
Callahan, Marilyn

2009 Journal article
Working with Me, Working at Me: Fathers' Narratives of Child Welfare

Strega, Susan
Brown, Leslie
Callahan, Marilyn
Dominelli, Lena
Walmsley, Christopher

2009 Journal article
School-based physical activity programs for promoting physical activity and fitness in children and adolescents aged 6-18

Dobbins, Maureen
DeCorby, Kara
Robeson, Paula
Husson, Heather
Tirilis, Daiva

2009 Journal article
From the family universe to the outside world: Family relations, school attitude, and perception of racism in Caribbean and Filipino adolescents

Rousseau, Cécile
Hassan, Ghayda
Measham, Toby
Moreau, Nicolas
Lashley, Myrna
Castro, Thelma
Blake, Caminee
McKenzie, Georges

2009 Journal article
Preschoolers, Parents, and Teachers (PPT): A Preventive Intervention with an At Risk Population

Draper, Kay
Siegel, Christine
White, JoAnna
Solis, Caroline
Mishna, Faye

2009 Journal article
Reducing Problem Substance Use in Asian Sexual Minority and Heterosexual Youth

Poon, Colleen
Saewyc, Elizabeth
Homma, Yuko
Clark, Terryann

2009 Journal article