Families & Communities

This section contains material on socioeconomic and other family and community factors related to children and families involved with child welfare services.

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Moral Education through the 3 Rs: rights, respect and responsibility

Covell, Katherine
Howe, R. Brian

2001 Journal article
Impact of a universal school-based violence prevention program on violent delinquency: Distinctive benefits for youth with maltreatment histories

Crooks, Claire V.
Scott, Katreena
Ellis, Wendy
Wolfe, David A.

2011 Journal article
Understanding the Link Between Childhood Maltreatment and Violent Delinquency: What Do Schools Have to Add?

Crooks, Claire
Scott, Katreena
Wolfe, David
Chiodo, Debbie
Killip, Steve

2007 Journal article
Polyvictimization in a child welfare sample of children and youths

Cyr, Katie
Chamberland, Claire
Lessard, Geneviève
Clément, Marie-Ève
Wemmers, Jo-Anne
Collin-Vézina, Delphine
Gangé, Marie-Hélène
Damant, Dominique

2012 Journal article
Predictors of Maternal Support: The Point of View of Adolescent Victims of Sexual Abuse and Their Mothers

Cyr, Mireille
Wright, John
Toupin, Jean
Oxman-Martinez, Jacqueline
McDuff, Pierre
Thériault, Chantal

2003 Journal article
Electroencephalographic correlates of prenatal exposure to alcohol in infants and children: A Review of findings and implications for neurocognitive development

D'Angiulli, Amedeo
Grunau, Peter
Maggi, Stefania
Herdman, Anthony

2006 Journal article
Short-Term Correlates of Child Sexual Abuse: An Exploratory Study Predicting Girls' Academic, Cognitive, and Social Functioning One Year Later

Daigneault, Isabelle
Hébert, Martine

2008 Journal article
Profiles of school adaptation: Social, behavioural and academic functioning in sexually abused girls

Daigneault, Isabelle
Hébert, Martine

2009 Journal article
Developing Mothering Narratives in Child Protection Practice

Davies, Linda
Krane, Julia
Collings, Sara
Wexler, Sharon

2007 Journal article
Child and family poverty in Canada: Implications for child welfare research

de Boer, Kaila
Rothwell, David W.
Lee, Christopher

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