Placement à l'extérieur de la famille

Cette section présente des informations sur les enfants et les jeunes qui sont pris en charge à l’extérieur du domicile sous la garde/tutelle juridique du directeur. La prise en charge à l’extérieur du domicile comprend des dispositions entourant la garde et le placement volontaire en établissement, en foyer d’accueil, dans la communauté ou en garde intrafamiliale./p>


Titre Auteurs Année Type de publication
In Harm's Way? Serious Occurances Report Volume 2

Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth; Snow, Kim

2017 Rapport
Placement stability, cumulative time in care, and permanency: Using administrative data from CPS to track placement trajectories

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2017 Article de journaux
Effects of the ABC intervention on foster children's receptive vocabulary: Follow-up results from a randomized clinical trial

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2017 Article de journaux
The effect of lowering welfare payment ceilings on children's risk of out-of-home placement

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2017 Article de journaux
Jeffrey Baldwin: A thematic analysis of media coverage and implications for social work practice

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2016 Article de journaux
Approach with Caution: Why the Story of One Vulnerable B.C. Youth Can't Be Told

British Columbia Representative for Children and Youth

2016 Rapport
Because Young People Matter: Report of the Residential Services Review Panel

Residential Services Panel

2016 Rapport
Living Arrangements of Aboriginal Children Aged 14 and Under

Turner, Annie

2016 Rapport
Fostering Success: Improving Educational Outcomes for Youth in/from Care Rutman, Deborah

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2016 Rapport
Child Maltreatment-Related Service Decisions by Ethno-Racial Categories in Ontario in 2013

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2016 Feuillet d'information