Child welfare system

This section contains a wide variety of publications relating to the child welfare system in the context of intervention and prevention programs.

Title Authors Year Type of Publication
Because Young People Matter: Report of the Residential Services Review Panel

Residential Services Panel

2016 Report
The Bus Ride Home Project: Developing Supports for Ontario's Child Welfare Change-makers in & from Care

Children's Aid Foundation
Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children & Youth

2016 Report
Protecting Visible Minority Children: Family-Caseworker Dynamics and Protective Authority Intervention Strategies
Dufour, Sarah
Gaudet, Judith
Lavergne, Chantal
Couture, Dominique
2016 Journal article
Walking this path together: Anti-racist and anti-oppressive practice in child welfare

Carriere, Jeannine
Strega, Susan

2015 Book
Child resilience in out-of-home care: Child welfare worker perspectives

Bell, Tessa
Romano, Elisa

2015 Journal article
A randomized trial of wraparound facilitation versus usual child protection services

Browne, Dillon T.
Puente-Duran, Sofia
Shlonsky, Aron
Thabane, Lehana
Verticchio, Dominic

2014 Journal article
The use of mapping in child welfare investigations: A strength-based hybrid intervention

Lwin, Kristen
Versanov, Avi
Cheung, Connie
Goodman, Deborah
Andrews, Nancy

2014 Journal article
CYDL Data Byte 10: Maltreatment-related Interventions Received by Albertan Youth

Child and Youth Data Laboratory

2013 Report
Making complex decisions: Child protection workers' practices and interventions with families experiencing intimate partner violence

Hughes, Judy
Chau, Shirley

2013 Journal article
Realizing a Sustainable Child Welfare System in Ontario

The Commission to Promote Sustainable Child Welfare

2012 Report