This section contains published information on intervention and prevention programs for parents involved in the child welfare system.

Title Authors Year Type of Publication
Emotion regulation in sexually abused preschoolers: The contribution of parental factors
Langevin, Rachel
Hébert, Martine
Allard-Dansereau, Claire
Bernard-Bonnin, Anne-Claude
2016 Journal article
Creating connections with child welfare workers: Experiences of foster parents’ own children
Serbinski, Sarah
Brown, Jason
2016 Journal article
Termination of Parental Rights: A Commentary on Ben-David

Choate, Peter W.

2015 Journal article
Collaboration Between Addiction Treatment and Child Welfare Fields: Opportunities in a Canadian Context

Drabble, Laurie
Poole, Nancy

2011 Journal article
Support needs of Aboriginal foster parents

Ivanova, Viktoria
Brown, Jason

2010 Journal article
Exploring mediating factors in the association between parental psychological distress and psychosocial maladjustment in adolescence

Roustit, Christelle
Campoy, Eric
Chaix, Basile
Chauvin, Pierre

2010 Journal article
Early childhood home visiting programs

Knoke, Della

2009 Information sheet
Jumping through Hoops: A Manitoba Study Examining Experiences and Reflections of Aboriginal Mothers Involved with Child Welfare in Manitoba

Bennett, Marlyn

2009 Book chapter
The Experiences of Minority Immigrant Families Receiving Child Welfare Services: Seeking to Understand How to Reduce Risk and Increase Protective Factors

Maiter, Sarah
Stalker, Carol A.
Alaggia, Ramona

2009 Journal article
Where is the Justice? Parental Experiences of the Canadian Justice System in Cases of Child Sexual Abuse

Alaggia, Ramona
Lambert, Elizabeth
Regehr, Cheryl

2009 Journal article