Program Evaluation

This section contains published information on the evaluation of several intervention and prevention programs.

Title Authors Year Type of Publication
Duration in poverty-related programs and number of child maltreatment reports: A multilevel negative binomial study

Hyunil, Kim
Drake, Brett

2016 Journal article
Listen to the children: Kids impressions of Who Do You Tell (TM)

Tutty, Leslie M.

2014 Journal article
The use of mapping in child welfare investigations: A strength-based hybrid intervention

Lwin, Kristen
Versanov, Avi
Cheung, Connie
Goodman, Deborah
Andrews, Nancy

2014 Journal article
Advancing Best Practice: A Review of Full Time Attendance Programs for Youth in British Columbia

Barnett, Paul
Howell, Stephen

2014 Report
CYDL Data Byte 6: Least and Most Advantaged Albertans

Child and Youth Data Laboratory

2013 Report
Realizing a Sustainable Child Welfare System in Ontario

The Commission to Promote Sustainable Child Welfare

2012 Report
Director of Child and Family Services Annual Report 2011-2012 (Nunavut)

Mark Arnold

2012 Report
Clarifying the Scope of Child Welfare Services: Report and Recommendations

The Commission to Promote Sustainable Child Welfare

2012 Report
Effects of individual direct-instruction tutoring on foster children's academic skills: A randomized trial

Flynn, Robert J.
Marquis, Robyn A.
Paquet, Marie-Pierre
Peeke, Lisa M.
Aubry, Tim D.

2012 Journal article
Preliminary effects of a group-based tutoring program for children in long-term foster care

Harper, Julie
Schmidt, Fred

2012 Journal article