Intervention & Prevention

Intervention and prevention programs are provided to children, caregivers, and families to reduce the risk factors for and impact of child abuse or neglect.

Title Authors Year Type of Publication
CYDL Data Byte 6: Least and Most Advantaged Albertans

Child and Youth Data Laboratory

2013 Report
CYDL Data Byte 10: Maltreatment-related Interventions Received by Albertan Youth

Child and Youth Data Laboratory

2013 Report
Multilevel correlates of behavioral resilience among children in child welfare

Bell, Tessa
Romano, Elisa
Flynn, Robert J.

2013 Journal article
Child maltreatment-related investigations involving infants: Opportunities for resilience?

Fallon, Barbara
Ma, Jennifer
Allan, Kate
Trocmé, Nico
Jud, Andreas

2013 Journal article
The relationship between internal resilience, smoking, alcohol use, and depression symptoms in emerging adults transitioning out of child welfare

Goldstein, Abby L.
Faulkner, Breanne
Wekerle, Christine

2013 Journal article
Making complex decisions: Child protection workers' practices and interventions with families experiencing intimate partner violence

Hughes, Judy
Chau, Shirley

2013 Journal article
Patterns of service use, individual and contextual risk factors, and resilience among adolescents using multiple psychosocial services

Ungar, Michael
Liebenberg, Linda
Duddling, Peter
Armstrong, Mary
van de Vijver, Fons J. R.

2013 Journal article
CIS-2008 Major Findings Supplementary Tables: Ongoing Child Welfare Services and Referrals to Services by Primary Substantiated Maltreatment and Risk

Lefebvre, Rachael
Trocmé, Nico
Fallon, Barbara

2012 Information sheet
Realizing a Sustainable Child Welfare System in Ontario

The Commission to Promote Sustainable Child Welfare

2012 Report
Early childhood development: Adverse experiences and developmental health

Boivin, Michel
Hertzman, Clyde
Barr, Ronald G.
Boyce, W.  Thomas
Fleming, Alison
MacMillan, Harriet
Odgers, Candice
Sokolowski, Marla B.
Trocmé, Nico 

2012 Report