Intervention & Prevention

Intervention and prevention programs are provided to children, caregivers, and families to reduce the risk factors for and impact of child abuse or neglect.

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Empowering Families, Strengthening and Protecting Children: Introducing Kinship Program and Family Group Conferencing Program at the Children’s Aid Society of London and Middlesex

Leschied, Alan W.
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2007 Report
The impact of service provider change on the protection of children

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Chaze, Ferzana
Crockford, Tina

2007 Other
Putting a Human Face on Child Welfare: Voices from the Prairie

Brown, Ivan
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Lafrance, Jean
McKay, Sharon
Prokop, Shelley Thomas

2007 Book
Protecting Children, Helping Adults: Bringing Two Worlds Closer Together

Chamberland, Claire
Léveillé, Sophie
Trocmé, Nico

2007 Book
Contextual and Cultural Aspects of Resilience in Child Welfare Settings

Ungar, Michael

2007 Book chapter
Practical Applications of Narrative Ideas to Youth Care

Little, Alison
Hartman, Lesley
Ungar, Michael

2007 Journal article
Training and experience: Keys to enhancing the utility for foster parents of the Assessment and Action Record from Looking after Children

Pantin, Sarah
Flynn, Robert

2007 Journal article
Siege and Response: Reception and Benefits of Residential Children's Mental Health Services for Parents and Siblings

de Boer, Catherine
Cameron, Gary
Frensch, Karen M.

2007 Journal article
Personal and Interpersonal Characteristics Related to Resilient Developmental Pathways of Sexually Abused Adolescents

Daigneault, Isabelle
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Tourigny, Marc

2007 Journal article
How am I who I am? Self in Child and Youth Care practice

Garfat, Thom
Charles, Grant

2007 Journal article