Foster Care

A Foster Home is a private home approved by child welfare services for the placement of children, and includes kinship care. Group and residential care are excluded.

Title Authors Year Type of Publication
Because Young People Matter: Report of the Residential Services Review Panel

Residential Services Panel

2016 Report
Living Arrangements of Aboriginal Children Aged 14 and Under

Turner, Annie

2016 Report
Fostering Success: Improving Educational Outcomes for Youth in/from Care Rutman, Deborah

Hubberstey, Carol

2016 Report
Replication of the KEEP foster and kinship parent training program for youth with externalizing behaviors

Greeno, Elizabeth J.
Uretsky, Mathew C.
Lee, Bethany R.
Moore, Jessica E.
Barth, Richard P.
Shaw, Terry V.

2016 Journal article
The relationship between caseworker assessments of clients’ social networks and child welfare placement outcomes

Brisebois, Kimberly
Trzcinski, Eileen
Marsack, Christina

2015 Journal article
Roles of foster parent resource workers

Brown, Jason D.
Rodgers, Julie
Anderson, Landy

2015 Journal article
Brief Report on Education: Based on the Link Program Evaluation Study
Hubberstey, Carol
Rutman, Deborah
Hume, Sharon
2014 Report
Emotional needs of Aboriginal foster parents

Brown, Jason D.
Ivanova, Viktoria
Mehta, Nisha
Skrodzki, Donna
Rodgers, Julie

2014 Journal article
Long-term depression and suicidal ideation outcomes subsequent to emancipation from foster care: Pathways to psychiatric risk in the Métis population

Kaspar, Violet

2014 Journal article
Maltreatment-related Investigations Involving Primary Caregivers with a History of Being in Foster Care and/or Group Home Care in Ontario in 2008

Brady, Eavan
Lefebvre, Rachael
Van Wert, Melissa
Fallon, Barbara

2014 Information sheet