Out-of-Home Care

This section contains information related to children and youth who are in the placed in out-of-home care under the legal custody/guardianship of the Director. Out-of-home care includes voluntary care agreements and placements in residential, foster, and community or kinship care.


Title Authors Year Type of Publicationsort icon
Parent Mutual Aid Organizations in Child Welfare Demonstration Project: A Report of Outcomes

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Mémoire de l'ACJQ: Présenté à la commission parlementaire sur l'avant-projet de loi modifiant le code civil et d'autres dispositions législatives en matière d'adoption et d'autorité parentale

Association des centres jeunesse du Québec

On the Matter of Cross-Cultural Aboriginal Adoptions

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2007 Book chapter
Aboriginal Children: Maintaining Connections in Adoption

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2007 Book chapter
From Longing to Belonging: Attachment Theory, Connectedness, and Indigenous Children in Canada

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2009 Book chapter
Passion for Those Who Care: What Foster Carers Need

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2009 Book chapter
Children with FASD Involved with the Manitoba Child Welfare System: The Need for Passionate Action

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2009 Book chapter
Pathways to the overrepresentation of Aboriginal children in care

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2005 Information sheet
Children with FASD-related Disabilities Receiving Services from Child Welfare Agencies in Manitoba

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2006 Information sheet
Do placement stability and parental visiting lead to better outcomes for children in foster care? Implications from the Australian Tracking Study

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2005 Information sheet