The Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services (Ministère de la Santé et Services sociaux) is responsible for providing protection services to children and youth in accordance with the mandate outlined in the Youth Protection Act. There are currently 16 Youth Centres (YC) and three multi-mission centres across the province.  Both of these centres are responsible for services under the Youth Protection Act as well as the Youth Criminal Justice Act (2002). In each centre, there is a director of youth protection (DYP) who is responsible for enforcing the Youth Protection Act. The DYP also has the powers of a provincial director under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. In the youth protection system in Quebec, the intervention process consists of the following stages: receiving and processing a report (intake), evaluating the situation (investigation), orienting the child (intervention planning), and implementing interventions and reviewing the situation. These stages are carried out in separate administrative units, except for the evaluation and orientation stages which are carried out by the same workers. For more information, please see the information sheet on Quebec's child welfare system.

Quebec - Statistics

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Taux d'incidence des nouvelles prises en charge dans le cadre de la Loi sur la Protection de la Jeunesse (LPJ)
Certains indicateurs repères en vertu de la LPJ, 1994-1995 à 2006-2007

Child Maltreatment Investigations in Quebec, 1998, 2008* and 2014**

  1998 2008 2014
Child population 1,658,480 1,549,200 1,521,298
Number of child maltreatment investigations 25,615 28,608 31,529
Incidence of child maltreatment investigations per 1000 children 15.44 18.47 20.72

Type of Child Maltreatment Investigation in Quebec in 2014**

  Number Rate per 1,000 children Percent
No Risk or Substantiated Maltreatment 8,565 5.63 27%
Confirmed Risk of Future Maltreatment   4,101 2.70 13%
Substantiated Maltreatment 18,860 12.40 60%

Categories of Substantiated Child Maltreatment Investigations in Quebec in 2014**

Category of Maltreatment Number Rate per 1,000 children Percent
Physical Abuse 4,457 2.93 19%
Sexual Abuse 732 0.48 3%
Neglect 6,127 4.03 27%
Emotional Maltreatment 2,486 1.63 11%
Behavioural Problems 4,364 2.87 19%
Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence 4,790 3.15 21%

Placement in Child Maltreatment Investigations in Quebec, 1998, 2008* and 2014**

  # 1998  1998 Rate # 2008 2008 Rate # 2014 2014 Rate
No Placement 16,776 10.12 24,238 15.65 27,221 17089
Informal Kinship Care - - 780 0.50 1,664 1.09
Formal Placement 7,790 4.7 3,178 2.06 2,558 1.68
Type of Placement Unknown 834 0.50 340 0.22 -- 0.04

-- n < 100

* Hélie, S., Turcotte, D., Trocmé, N., & Tourigny, M. (2012). Étude d’incidence québécoise sur les situations évaluées en protection de la jeunesse en 2008: Rapport final (p. 252). Montreal, QC: Centre jeunesse de Montréal-Institut universitaire. Retrieved from

** Hélie, S., Collin-Vézina, D.,Turcotte, D., Trocmé, N., & Girouard, N. (2017). Étude d’incidence québécoise sur les situations évaluées en protection de la jeunesse en 2014: Rapport final. Montreal, QC: Centre jeunesse de Montréal-Institut universitaire. Récupérée de

§ Child welfare services fall under the jurisdiction of provincial and territorial authorities, making it difficult to compile statistics at the national level. The most notable variations between provinces include mandate variation by jurisdiction with respect to the age to which children are eligible for services, differences in the length of time a child can receive out-of-home care and the definition of out-of-home care.

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Quebec - Legislation

Quebec Legislation
Youth Protection Act


Last Name First Name Organization Province/Territorysort icon
Oxman-Martinez Jacqueline University of Montreal Quebec
Moreau Jacques Université de Montréal Quebec
Poirier Marie-Andrée Université de Montréal Quebec
Davies Linda McGill University Quebec
Krane Julia McGill University Quebec
Moss Ellen Université du Québec à Montréal Quebec
Toupin Jean Université de Sherbrooke Quebec
Pauzé Robert Université Laval Quebec
Mann-Feder Varda Concordia University Quebec
Roy Catherine McGill University Quebec
Nadeau Danielle Université Laval Quebec
Sinha Vandna McGill Unversity Quebec
Duder Sydney McGill University Quebec
Fast Elizabeth Concordia University Quebec
Richardson Catherine Université de Montréal Quebec
Goyette Martin École nationale d'administration publique Quebec
Esposito Tonino Université de Montréal Quebec
Van Wert Melissa McGill University Quebec