CIS-2008: Characteristics of maltreatment


Trocmé, Fallon, MacLaurin et al.

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CWRP Information Sheet #83E. Montreal, QC: Centre for Research on Children and Families, McGill University.

The CIS-2008 is the third national study examining the incidence of reported child abuse and neglect in Canada. This summary presents the categories of substantiated maltreatment documented by the study. CIS-2008 estimates are derived from child maltreatment investigations from a representative sample of child welfare sites in 2008. These estimates do not include (1) incidents that were not reported to child welfare, (2) reported cases that were screened out by child welfare before being fully investigated, (3) new reports on cases already opened by the child welfare sites, (4) cases that were investigated only by the police, and (5) cases that were investigated only because of concerns about future risk of maltreatment. The findings presented are not directly comparable to findings presented in the CIS-2003 and CIS-1998 reports.

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Information sheet
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