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Title Reviewed by Date Publishedsort icon
Preventing child maltreatment: Examination of an established statewide home-visiting program
Dragana Djukic
Bryn King
Lowering child welfare payments to mothers and the likelihood of out-of-home placement in child protection settings Megan Simpson 12/07/2018
Online parenting intervention shows promise for engaging at-risk and hard-to-reach mothers
Carolyn O'Connor
Bryn King
Child maltreatment: Neighborhood structural & social risk factors Sydney Duder 10/25/2018
Sex trafficking among youth involved in child welfare within the United States Megan Simpson 08/29/2018
Age and gender variations on children’s subjective well-being across safety welfare contexts Biru Zhou 08/15/2018
Adult adaptive functioning, not childhood maltreatment, predicts connectivity in emotion-related brain regions
Emma Duerden
Barbara Fallon
Effects of the ABC intervention on foster children's receptive vocabulary: Follow-up results from a randomized clinical trial Nico Trocmé 07/05/2018
Child maltreatment: Cross-national comparison of societal-level predictors Sydney Duder 06/21/2018
Extending time in foster care: Potential educational benefits for youth Elizabeth Mueller 06/14/2018
Family characteristics and caregiver risk factors at play for families chronically screened-in for neglect Mireille De La Sablonnière-Griffin 05/22/2018
To have or not to have: Moderating role of protective adult relationships on substance use and delinquency
Sol Park
Biru Zhou
Black children in Ontario: Factors that influence welfare decisions Sydney Duder 03/04/2018
The abolition vs. limitation position of corporal punishment in Ontario: Did the Supreme Court do right by Canada’s children?
Carolyn O'Connor
Bryn King
Anxious and avoidant attachment styles determined as important mechanisms between child neglect and significant adolescent sexual risk behaviors
Carolyn O'Connor
Delphine Collin-Vézina
Should I stay or should I leave? The relationship between duration in poverty-related programs and number of child maltreatment reports Biru Zhou 09/28/2017
Post-permanency discontinuity: A longitudinal examination of outcomes for foster youth after adoption or guardianship
Tara Black
Nicolette Joh-Carnella
Child maltreatment: The protective effect of neighborhood social cohesion Sydney Duder 05/08/2017
The effects of differential response on the investigation and substantiation of neglect cases Anna Ekins 02/06/2017
A helping hand for the caregiver is a helping hand for the child Biru Zhou 02/06/2017