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Titlesort icon Reviewed by Date Published
Worker attitudes found to have a significant effect on risk assessments and child placement recommendations Sydney Duder 08/21/2008
Why do African American children have more out of home placements than white children, even when controlling for identified risk factors? Pamela Weightman 10/16/2012
Well-Being of Children in Kinship Care Placements
Allison Eisner
Aron Shlonsky
Violence prevention program implemented in Ontario high schools shows promise Stephen Ellenbogen 03/06/2008
Using sibling data still finds no treatment effect of family group conferencing on child welfare outcomes Sydney Duder 04/26/2007
US study: high developmental and health care needs found in children involved in child welfare systems
Nicole Petrowski
Sophie Léveillé
US study finds that subsidies lead to increased adoptions from foster care
Claudia Lahaie
Anne-Marie Piché
Understanding child welfare staff buy-in of organizational change Denise Michelle Brend 11/19/2014
Treatment foster care for improving outcomes in children and adolescents with complex needs Julia Busch 06/09/2014
Training program improved both foster parent skills and child behavior Sydney Duder 08/20/2009
Third cycle of national study documents incidence of reported child maltreatment and child and family characteristics across Canada Kelly Gallagher-Mackay 02/21/2012
The overrepresentation of poor children in child welfare is a public health issue not a reporting problem Nico Trocmé 07/22/2010
The long reach of child maltreatment: Evidence for intergenerational transmission Anne Blumenthal 06/14/2016
The economic burden of child maltreatment: Preventive measures could yield huge savings Sydney Duder 01/28/2013
The crucial role of capital in fostering positive employment outcomes and earnings for foster care alumni Melanie Doucet 08/04/2016
Teen birth rates of those who have experienced substantiated maltreatment
Rachael Lefebvre
Wendy Rha
Taking enough time to help children disclose sexual abuse Nico Trocmé 05/15/2012
Systematic review shows cognitive-behavioural interventions for sexual abuse not conclusively effective Delphine Collin-Vézina 12/27/2007
Systematic Review finds more rigorous studies needed to assess impact of independent living programs for youth leaving care Elizabeth Fast 08/07/2008
Survivalist self-reliance as both adaptation and danger for youth aging out of care Jonathan D. Schmidt 11/16/2009