Title Authors Year of Publication
Critical Injuries and Deaths: Reviews and Investigations Update #27

British Columbia Representative for Children and Youth

Information Sheet
Ethno-racial Categories and Child Welfare Decisions: Exploring the Relationship with Poverty

Antwi-Boasiako, Kofi
King, Bryn
Black, Tara
Fallon, Barbara
Trocmé, Nico
Goodman, Deborah

Journal article
Expressions of culture in American Indian/Alaska Native tribal child welfare work: A qualitative meta-synthesis

Lucero, Nancy M.
Leake, Robin

Indigenous Resilience, Connectedness and Reunification - From Root Causes to Root Solutions: A Report on Indigenous Child Welfare in British Columbia

Grand Chief Ed John

Living Arrangements of Aboriginal Children Aged 14 and Under

Turner, Annie

Information Sheet
Ministerial Mandate Letters: Relevance to Indigenous Child Welfare and Well-Being

Churchill, Molly
Sinha, Vandna

Journal article
Nistawatsiman: Rethinking assessment of Aboriginal parents for child welfare following the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Lindstom, Gabrielle
Choate, Peter W.

Nistawatsimin: Exploring First Nations Parenting: A Literature Review and Expert Consultation with Blackfoot Elders

Lindstrom, Gabrielle
Choate, Peter
Bastien, Leonard
Weasal Traveller, Audrey
Breaker, Stewart
Breaker, Kathy
Good Striker, Wilton
Good Striker, Evelyn

Profile of Children and Youth in the Downtown Eastside Report

British Columbia Ministry of Children and Family Development

Report of the Auditor General of Alberta: Human Services - Systems to Deliver Child and Family Services to Indigenous Children in Alberta

Auditor General of Alberta