Families & Communities

This section contains material on socioeconomic and other family and community factors related to children and families involved with child welfare services.

Title Authors Year Type of Publication
Connecting Father Absence and Mother Blame in Child Welfare Policies and Practice

Strega, Susan
Fleet, Claire
Brown, Leslie
Dominelli, Lena
Callahan, Marilyn
Walmsley, Christopher

2008 Journal article
Transitions out-of-care: Youth with FASD in Manitoba

Gough, Pamela
Fuchs, Don

2008 Information sheet
Economic Impact of Children in Care with FASD Phase 1: Cost of Children in Care with FASD in Manitoba

Fuchs, Don
Burnside, Linda
Marchenski, Shelagh
Mudry, Andria
De Riviere, Linda

2008 Report
Transition Out-of-Care: Issues for Youth with FASD

Fuchs, Don
Burnside, Linda
Marchenski, Shelagh
Mudry, Andria

2008 Report
Rewards of fostering children with disabilities

Brown, Jason D.

2008 Journal article
Life Domain Research Report Series

Cameron, Gary
Hazineh, Lirondel
Frensch, Karen M.
Preyde, Michele

2008 Report
Short-Term Correlates of Child Sexual Abuse: An Exploratory Study Predicting Girls' Academic, Cognitive, and Social Functioning One Year Later

Daigneault, Isabelle
Hébert, Martine

2008 Journal article
Health impacts of supportive housing for homeless youth: A pilot study

Kisely, Stephen
Parker, Joanne,
Campbell, Leslie Anne
Karabanow, Jeff
Hughes, Jean
Gahagan, Jacqueline

2008 Journal article
Prevalence and correlates of conduct disorder and problem behavior in Caribbean and Filipino immigrant adolescents

Rousseau, Cécile
Hassan, Ghayda
Measham, Toby
Lashley, Myrna

2008 Journal article
Fostering Children with Disabilities: A Concept Map of Parent Needs

Brown, Jason

2007 Journal article