Familles & communautés

Cette section contient des publications sur les facteurs socioéconomiques et sur les autres facteurs familiaux et communautaires liés aux enfants et aux familles recevant des services de protection de l’enfance.

Titreicone de tri Auteurs Année Type de publication
'Not so Easy to Navigate': A Report on the Complex Array of Income Security Programs and Eductional Planning for Children in Care in Ontario

Stapleton, J. & Tweedle, A.

2010 Rapport
Academic and social outcomes for high-risk youths in Manitoba

Brownell, Marni D.
Roos, Noralou P.
Macwilliam, Leonard
Leclair, Leanne
Ekuma, Okechukwu
Fransoo, Randy

2010 Article de journaux
Access visits: Perceptions of child protection workers, foster parents and children who are Crown Wards

Morrison, Janet
Mishna, Faye
Cook, Charlene
Aitken, Gail

2011 Article de journaux
Building Community: A Conceptual Framework for Child Protection

Barter, Ken

2001 Article de journaux
Burden of Dysthymia and Comorbid Illness in Adults in a Canadian Primary Care Setting: High Rates of Psychiatric Illness in the Offspring

Bell, Barbara
Chalklin, Lori
Mills, Michael
Browne, Gina
Steiner, Meir
Roberts, Jacqueline
Gafni, Amiram
Byrne, Carolyn
Wallik, David
Kraemer, James
Webb, Michelle
Jamieson, Ellen
Whittaker, Susan
Dunn, Edward

2004 Article de journaux
Characteristics of Young Parents Investigated and Opened for Ongoing Services in Child Welfare

Fallon, Barbara
Ma, Jennifer
Black, Tara
Wekerle, Christine

2011 Article de journaux
Child Maltreatment Investigations Involving Parents with Cognitive Impairments in Canada

McConnell, David
Feldman, Maurice
Aunos, Marjorie
Prasad, Narasimha

2011 Article de journaux
Child protection workers' experiences of working with high-conflict separating families

Saini, Michael
Black, Tara
Lwin, Kristen
Marshall, Alana
Fallon, Barbara
Goodman, Deborah

2012 Article de journaux
Child welfare involvement of mothers with mental health issues

Westad, Callie
McConnell, David

2011 Article de journaux
Children with disabilities: Problems faced by foster parents

Brown, Jason D.
Rodger, Susan

2009 Article de journaux