Intervention & Prevention

Intervention and prevention programs are provided to children, caregivers, and families to reduce the risk factors for and impact of child abuse or neglect.

Title Authors Year Type of Publication
Preschoolers, Parents, and Teachers (PPT): A Preventive Intervention with an At Risk Population

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2009 Journal article
Restoring Family Support, Self-Esteem, and Reducing Distress Among Sexually Abused Young Runaways

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2009 Journal article
What Canadian Youth Tell Us About Disclosing Abuse

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2009 Journal article
Benefits of Cultural Matching in Foster Care

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Sintzel, Jennifer
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2009 Journal article
The role of parental stress, mother’s childhood abuse and perceived consequences of violence in predicting attitudes and attribution in favor of corporal punishment

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Chamberland, Claire

2009 Journal article
Who are these parents involved in child neglect? A differential analysis by parent gender and family structure

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2008 Journal article
Perception of risk among child protection workers

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2008 Journal article
Assessing Emotional Neglect in Infants

Wotherspoon, Evelyn
Gough, Pamela

2008 Information sheet
Supporting the social-emotional development of infants and toddlers in foster care

Wotherspoon, Evelyn
Petrowski, Nicole

2008 Information sheet
Parent training programs

Knoke, Della

2008 Information sheet