Intervention & Prevention

Intervention and prevention programs are provided to children, caregivers, and families to reduce the risk factors for and impact of child abuse or neglect.

Title Authors Year Type of Publication
Siege and Response: Reception and Benefits of Residential Children's Mental Health Services for Parents and Siblings

de Boer, Catherine
Cameron, Gary
Frensch, Karen M.

2007 Journal article
Personal and Interpersonal Characteristics Related to Resilient Developmental Pathways of Sexually Abused Adolescents

Daigneault, Isabelle
Hébert, Martine
Tourigny, Marc

2007 Journal article
How am I who I am? Self in Child and Youth Care practice

Garfat, Thom
Charles, Grant

2007 Journal article
Developing Mothering Narratives in Child Protection Practice

Davies, Linda
Krane, Julia
Collings, Sara
Wexler, Sharon

2007 Journal article
Meeting Them "Where They're At": Intensive School-Based Psychotherapy for Children Who Have Been Maltreated

Mishna, Faye

2007 Journal article
Parent Perspectives on Intensive Intervention for Child Maltreatment

Russell, Mary
Gockel, Annemarie
Harris, Barbara

2007 Journal article
A Typological Analysis of Behavioral Profiles of Sexually Abused Children

Hébert, Martine
Parent, Nathalie
Daigneault, Isabelle
Tourigny, Marc

2006 Journal article
Evaluations in Canadian child welfare programs: A critical review

Flynn, Robert J.
Bouchard, Danielle
Lajoie, Jules

2006 Information sheet
Evaluating the effectiveness of “Beyond the Basics” Parenting Groups

Goodman, Deborah
Gough, Pamela

2006 Information sheet
Families First: A Process and Outcome Evaluation of Nurse, Home Visitor and Parent Perspectives

Ek, Noreen
Frankel, Sid

2006 Report