Intervention & Prevention

Intervention and prevention programs are provided to children, caregivers, and families to reduce the risk factors for and impact of child abuse or neglect.

Title Authors Year Type of Publication
Strategies to enhance substance abuse treatment for parents involved with child welfare

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2009 Information sheet
Early childhood home visiting programs

Knoke, Della

2009 Information sheet
Mediation in child welfare

Knoke, Della

2009 Information sheet
Child sexual abuse and adult romantic adjustment: comparison of single- and multiple-indicator measures

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2009 Journal article
Jumping through Hoops: A Manitoba Study Examining Experiences and Reflections of Aboriginal Mothers Involved with Child Welfare in Manitoba

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2009 Book chapter
Rehearsing with Reality: Exploring Health Issues with Aboriginal Youth through Drama

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Episkenew, Jo-Ann
Linds, Warren
Arnason, Karen

2009 Book chapter
Making the Connection: Strategies for Working with High-risk Youth

Smyth, Peter
Eaton-Erickson, Arlene

2009 Book chapter
The Moving Forward Project: Working with Refugee Children, Youth, and their Families

White, Judy
Franklin, Dawn
Gruber, Klaus
Hanke, Cody
Holzer, Bernadette
Javed, Nayyar
Keyser, Pat
Mir, Ashraf
Udemgba, Ijeoma
Veszi, Mechilene
Weighill, Clive

2009 Book chapter
Assessing the effectiveness of the NICHD investigative interview protocol when interviewing French-speaking alleged victims of child sexual abuse in Quebec

Cyr, Mireille
Lamb, Michael E.

2009 Journal article
The Experiences of Minority Immigrant Families Receiving Child Welfare Services: Seeking to Understand How to Reduce Risk and Increase Protective Factors

Maiter, Sarah
Stalker, Carol A.
Alaggia, Ramona

2009 Journal article