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Title Reviewed by Date Publishedsort icon
Increased usefulness of medical data for public health surveillance of child maltreatment Andreas Jud 01/10/2012
Child welfare service involvement during adolescence places transition-age youth at increased risk for negative outcomes Jaime Wegner-Lohin 11/22/2011
Study examines how chronic child welfare cases change during home-based services Andreas Jud 10/18/2011
Longitudinal study shows Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are overrepresented in the South Australian child protection system Mireille De La Sablonnière-Griffin 10/04/2011
Study finds that involvement in court proceedings does not influence feelings of understanding or validation for children in foster care Jaime Wegner-Lohin 06/09/2011
Kinship adoption and the associated outcomes among children and their adoptive families Dillon T. Browne 03/24/2011
Studies in two countries find continued support for the use of the NICHD protocol in interviewing young alleged victims of child sexual abuse
Lise Milne
Mireille De La Sablonnière-Griffin
First study on multisystemic therapy for child physical abuse in a community setting Andreas Jud 02/03/2011
Parental experiences of the Canadian justice system in cases of child sexual abuse Pamela Weightman 01/20/2011
Executive function capacities in children exposed to familial trauma Kristen Lwin 01/06/2011
Policy that says one thing and does another in an Australian Aboriginal community Elizabeth Fast 11/18/2010
Effective supervision improves worker outcomes: A meta-analysis Sydney Duder 10/14/2010
Exploring adolescent attachment to adoptive parents: Parents’ sexual orientation not a factor Catherine Baquero 10/07/2010
Preventing child maltreatment: Successful expansion to population level of an evidence-based intervention Sydney Duder 09/09/2010
Nurse home visitation program reduces reported maltreatment of children Sydney Duder 08/26/2010
Mothers of children in out-of-home care: Drug treatment services can increase reunification rates Sydney Duder 08/19/2010
Study finds high rates of posttraumatic stress symptoms in a US national sample of children referred to child welfare Melissa Van Wert 08/05/2010
The overrepresentation of poor children in child welfare is a public health issue not a reporting problem Nico Trocmé 07/22/2010
Neighbourhood disadvantage and proximity to disadvantaged neighbourhoods increase risk of out-of-home placements Jonathan Schmidt 06/03/2010
Limited evidence of school-based education programs efficacy for the prevention of child sexual abuse Jess Barnes 05/27/2010