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Title Reviewed by Date Publishedsort icon
Canadian research shows neglectful mothers have information processing biases towards their children’s emotions and behaviour Jonathan D. Schmidt 02/07/2008
Disappointing results from an evaluation of an expert-assisted case management system Sydney Duder 01/10/2008
Systematic review shows cognitive-behavioural interventions for sexual abuse not conclusively effective Delphine Collin-Vézina 12/27/2007
Home visiting program has little effect on parenting skills, child health and development, and occurrence of child abuse Sydney Duder 12/13/2007
Study confirms relationship between neighbourhood alcohol outlets and referrals to child protective services
Tanya Morton
Sydney Duder
Longitudinal study confirms previously victimized children at higher risk of future victimization Elizabeth Fast 10/04/2007
Abusive fractures may be decreasing: Hopeful results from a US pediatric hospital
Jules Lajoie
Nico Trocmé
Children in residential treatment: New York study shows significant increase in proportion of youth with mental problems and juvenile justice backgrounds Sydney Duder 06/28/2007
Permanency planning legislation associated with speedier decision-making in Oregon Geneviève Pagé 05/31/2007
Parenting programs for maltreated infants lead to increased secure attachments Stephen Ellenbogen 05/03/2007
Using sibling data still finds no treatment effect of family group conferencing on child welfare outcomes Sydney Duder 04/26/2007
Prenatal cocaine exposure and child welfare outcomes Tara Black 04/05/2007
Study finds that specialty mental health services reduce the risk of out-of-home-placements for children in juvenile justice and child welfare systems Jonathan D. Schmidt 03/22/2007
Physical punishment as childhood adversity is associated with adult psychopathology according to study Geneviève Pagé 03/08/2007
US study finds that subsidies lead to increased adoptions from foster care
Claudia Lahaie
Anne-Marie Piché