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Factors related to chronic neglect in families Publication 08/08/2011 - 15:07 child abuse & neglect, fathers, neglect, Quebec, risk assessment
The role of parental stress, mother’s childhood abuse and perceived consequences of violence in predicting attitudes and attribution in favor of corporal punishment Publication 08/10/2011 - 16:05 child abuse & neglect, corporal punishment, intervention & prevention, parents, Quebec
Évaluation des processus et des effets du programme IRI-Accueil du CJM-IU : Rapport final d’évaluation Publication 03/24/2016 - 19:54 behaviour problems, intervention & prevention, program evaluation, Quebec
Prevalence and predictors of dating violence among adolescent female victims of child sexual abuse Publication 03/24/2016 - 15:19 child abuse & neglect, dating violence, epidemiology, Quebec, sexual abuse
The stability of child protection placements in Quebec, Canada Publication 03/26/2016 - 20:07 child abuse & neglect, families & communities, National, out-of-home care, placement breakdown, poverty, Quebec
Universal child care, maternal labor supply, and family well-being Publication 08/17/2011 - 15:04 child welfare system, policy, Quebec
Physical violence and psychological aggression towards children: Five-year trends in practices and attitudes from two population surveys Publication 03/24/2016 - 14:58 child abuse & neglect, corporal punishment, emotional maltreatment, physical abuse, Quebec
Meta-analysis of treatment for child sexual behavior problems: Practice elements and outcomes Publication 03/24/2016 - 15:12 child abuse & neglect, meta-analysis, Quebec, sexual abuse, sexual behaviour problems, treatment
Disciplining Children in Québec: Parenting norms and practices in 2004 Publication 03/24/2016 - 19:38 child abuse & neglect, corporal punishment, intervention & prevention, parents, Quebec
La pauvreté comme facteur de risque de négligence Publication 03/24/2016 - 20:37 child abuse & neglect, families & communities, intervention & prevention, neglect, poverty, Quebec