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Child maltreatment: The effects of neighborhood social processes Sydney Duder 08/04/2016
Child maltreatment: The significant effect of population density Sydney Duder 07/12/2016
Family-behavioural therapy programs are promising interventions for mothers with concurrent substance abuse and child neglect reports under child protective services Kara Fletcher 06/22/2016
The long reach of child maltreatment: Evidence for intergenerational transmission Anne Blumenthal 06/14/2016
Evidence-based interventions found to reduce rapid repeat pregnancy and promote positive parenting skills for mothers living in foster care Aaron Turpin 05/30/2016
A mixed methods evaluation of a differential response system in North Carolina Jennifer Nutton 05/10/2016
Multiple trajectories of maltreatment re-reports after early report Mireille De La Sablonnière-Griffin 02/27/2016
Harsh parenting and family conflict elevate the risk of child behavioural problems in the context of maternal substance abuse symptoms Kara Fletcher 02/14/2016
Child neglect: Can social capital protect youth against negative behavioural outcomes? Sydney Duder 11/04/2015
Overrepresentation of Aboriginal children in out-of-home care: Effects of agency-level variables Sydney Duder 10/11/2015
Racial placement gap varies with respect to social disadvantage Meghan Seto 01/30/2015
Evidence in support of the causal role of income on child maltreatment risk Anne Blumenthal 01/05/2015
Ontario study finds kinship placements generally more stable and more likely to lead to reunification than non-kin placements Julia Busch 12/13/2014
Understanding child welfare staff buy-in of organizational change Denise Michelle Brend 11/19/2014
Neighbourhood ratings by caregivers in child welfare cases: Social order and social capital Sydney Duder 11/04/2014
Teen birth rates of those who have experienced substantiated maltreatment
Rachael Lefebvre
Wendy Rha
Child maltreatment increased by both poverty and income inequality Sydney Duder 09/12/2014
Study finds parent aide services reduce the report of physical abuse for at-risk families Anne Blumenthal 08/27/2014
First Nations children: Agency substantiation of neglect Sydney Duder 08/11/2014
Treatment foster care for improving outcomes in children and adolescents with complex needs Julia Busch 06/09/2014