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Title Reviewed by Date Publishedsort icon
Is the Attachment and Biobehavioural Catch-up (ABC) intervention effective with a child welfare population?
Megan Pratt
Tara Black
Emmaline Houston
The effects of differential response on the investigation and substantiation of neglect cases Anna Ekins 02/06/2017
A cultural approach to child welfare practice within American Indian/Alaska Native communities Jennifer Nutton 11/18/2016
No evidence of a decrease in child maltreatment indicators in six developed countries from the late 1970s to the early 2000s Mireille De La Sablonnière-Griffin 11/18/2016
Friend support and long-term psychological impacts of surviving child maltreatment
Denise Michelle Brend
Jaime Wegner-Lohin
KEEP parent training program leads to reduction in caregiver reporting of problematic child behaviour and increase in placement stability
Leila Malone
Tara Black
Barbara Fallon
Usual care vs. wraparound facilitation: A randomized trial in ontario
Emmaline Houston
Tara Black
The impact of childhood maltreatment on depressive and anxiety disorders: Examining personal characteristics, childhood maltreatment domains, and remission
David Blatt
Tara Black
Barbara Fallon
The (mis) use of formal and informal supports by youth in care during the transition to adulthood Melanie Doucet 09/06/2016
Normative and problematic sexualized behaviours among children and youth in the child welfare system Biru Zhou 08/22/2016
Parents’ perspectives on factors that support and discourage the adoption process for children with special needs
Wendy Rha
Rachael Lefebvre
The crucial role of capital in fostering positive employment outcomes and earnings for foster care alumni Melanie Doucet 08/04/2016
Child maltreatment: The effects of neighborhood social processes Sydney Duder 08/04/2016
Child maltreatment: The significant effect of population density Sydney Duder 07/12/2016
Family-behavioural therapy programs are promising interventions for mothers with concurrent substance abuse and child neglect reports under child protective services Kara Fletcher 06/22/2016
The long reach of child maltreatment: Evidence for intergenerational transmission Anne Blumenthal 06/14/2016
Evidence-based interventions found to reduce rapid repeat pregnancy and promote positive parenting skills for mothers living in foster care Aaron Turpin 05/30/2016
A mixed methods evaluation of a differential response system in North Carolina Jennifer Nutton 05/10/2016
Multiple trajectories of maltreatment re-reports after early report Mireille De La Sablonnière-Griffin 02/27/2016
Harsh parenting and family conflict elevate the risk of child behavioural problems in the context of maternal substance abuse symptoms Kara Fletcher 02/14/2016