Research Watch, is a joint McGill / University of Toronto intiative supported by funds from the Royal Bank of Canada, is a monthly journal club for faculty and doctoral students interested in child welfare research.  We review empirical studies published in the leading child welfare journals and select the most salient and rigorous studies to be summarized and distributed in a monthly e-newsletters. Subscribe here.

Title Reviewed by Date Publishedsort icon
Direct instruction tutoring program shows improvements in academic achievement for children in out-of-home care Jaime Wegner-Lohin 03/18/2014
Study finds maltreatment subtype matters Melissa Van Wert 12/15/2013
Foster care reunification rates: Comparing two types of analyses Kristen Lwin 12/02/2013
Individual and organizational factors that contribute into reentry into out-of-home care Carrie Smith 11/12/2013
Mothers involved with child welfare: Service needs, socio-demographics, and psychosocial characteristics Eavan Brady 10/08/2013
Overrepresentation of First Nations children in child welfare: More supports needed to help families address socioeconomic risk factors Sydney Duder 09/12/2013
Promising results of an intervention to reduce substance use and delinquency among middle school girls in foster care Jennifer Nutton 06/26/2013
Child welfare: Organizational culture can affect worker retention Sydney Duder 03/31/2013
Can buy me love: the effect of child welfare expenditures on maltreatment outcomes Andreas Jud 02/24/2013
The economic burden of child maltreatment: Preventive measures could yield huge savings Sydney Duder 01/28/2013
Child welfare: Organizational climate can affect youth outcomes Sydney Duder 01/14/2013
Children discharged from kin and non-kin foster homes: Do the risks of foster care re-entry differ? Sarah L. Beatty 12/18/2012
Child welfare decisions: Significant differences in agency referral patterns Sydney Duder 12/04/2012
Fully delegated community child welfare model appears to be more effective than a hybrid state managed service contract model in Florida Nico Trocmé 11/20/2012
A person-centered approach to understanding the parenting behaviours of biological fathers Jennifer Nutton 11/06/2012
Why do African American children have more out of home placements than white children, even when controlling for identified risk factors? Pamela Weightman 10/16/2012
Despite moderate decline in corporal punishment in the US, spanking and slapping young children remains normative; Canadian review raises concerns about effects on child development Nico Trocmé 10/02/2012
Predictors of early childhood neglect: A tri-study comparison Kristen Lwin 09/18/2012
Study looks at contextual effects on externalizing behaviors in children in out-of-home care Sarah L. Beatty 07/10/2012
Evidence supporting a possible decline in child sexual abuse rates: An Irish population study Mireille De La Sablonnière-Griffin 05/29/2012