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Article de journaux
High prevalence of exposure to the child welfare system among street-involved youth in a Canadian setting: Implications for policy and practice

Barker, Brittany
Kerr, Thomas
Alfred, Gerald Taiaiake
Fortin, Michelle
Nguyen, Paul
Wood, Evan
DeBeck, Kora

Article de journaux
Relationships between drugs and delinquency in adolescence: Influence of gender and victimization experiences

Brunelle, Natacha
Tremblay, Joel
Blanchette-Martin, Nadine
Gendron, Annie
Tessier, Mélanie

Article de journaux
Canadian children and youth in care: The cost of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Popova, Svetlana 
Lange, Shannon
Burd, Larry
Rehm, Jürgen

Article de journaux
Risk factors for progression to regular injection drug use among street-involved youth in a Canadian setting

DeBeck, Kora
Kerr, Thomas
Marshall, Brandon D. L.
Simo, Annick
Montaner, Julio
Wood, Evan

Article de journaux
The Association Between Childhood Maltreatment and Gambling Problems in a Community Sample of Adult Men and Women

Hodgins, David C.
Schopflocher, Don P.
el-Guebaly, Nady
Casey, David M.
Smith, Garry J.
Williams, Robert J.
Wood, Robert T.