Canadian Research in Brief

Development of the Successful Transitions Assessment Tool (STAT) for Crossover Youth (COY): Youth voice and expert feedback with a Delphi approach

(2022), Child Abuse and Neglect, Volume 134.

Dubov, V.

Agnihotri, S.

Goodman, D.

Patel, M. 



Crossover youth (COY) are involved with child welfare and/or the justice system and experience multifaceted challenges in their transition into adulthood. A literature review identified eight critical indicators of successful transitions for COY and the absence of a validated comprehensive assessment that is youth informed and culturally sensitive.


To develop a Successful Transitions Assessment Tool (STAT) that is informed by research, Critical Race Theory, and subject matter experts.

Participants and setting

Field experts were approached to review the initial STAT, developed from literature findings, using the Delphi approach; 13 experts completed the first round and nine completed the second round. Child welfare youth participated in a focus group and youth justice youth completed interviews; 10 youth aged 16 to 24 provided feedback.


A two-round Delphi study with experts used a survey link. The focus groups and interviews with youth experts were conducted virtually. Expert rankings in the examined areas were aggregated and qualitative data were thematically analyzed.


Responding experts in both rounds of the Delphi process ranked the STAT highly, achieving scores of 16.8 and 16.4 of 20 possible points, respectively (consensus >80 %). No additional rounds were deemed necessary. All suggested tool clarifications were incorporated. Additional questions were added based on suggestions relevant to the eight critical domains.


This innovative study created a single, brief, yet comprehensive assessment tool of eight key domains for successful transitions out of care settings, informed by experts through the Delphi approach and youth themselves.