intervention & prévention

Les programmes d’intervention et de prévention sont offerts aux enfants, aux personnes qui prennent soins d’eux et aux familles pour diminuer les facteurs de risque et les répercussions relatives à la violence et à la négligence envers les enfants.

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A Tragedy in Waiting: How B.C.’s Mental Health System Failed One First Nations Youth

British Columbia Representative for Children and Youth

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Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder casts a long shadow: Findings from a population-based study of adult women with self-reported ADHD
Fuller-Thomson, Esme Lewis, D. A. Agbeyaka, Senyo K. 
Because Young People Matter: Report of the Residential Services Review Panel

Residential Services Panel

Child Death Review in Canada: A National Scan

Saskatchewan Prevention Institute

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Child protection services and parents with intellectual and developmental disabilities
LaLiberte, Traci Piescher, Kristine Mickelson, Nicole Lee, Mi Hwa
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Child sexual abuse, bullying, cyberbullying, and mental health problems among high schools students: A moderated mediated model
Hébert, Martine  Cénat, Jude Mary Blais, Martin Lavoie, Francine Guerrier, Mireille
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Creating connections with child welfare workers: Experiences of foster parents’ own children
Serbinski, Sarah Brown, Jason
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Duration in poverty-related programs and number of child maltreatment reports: A multilevel negative binomial study

Hyunil, Kim
Drake, Brett

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Emotion regulation in sexually abused preschoolers: The contribution of parental factors
Langevin, Rachel Hébert, Martine Allard-Dansereau, Claire Bernard-Bonnin, Anne-Claude
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Evolution over a year of individual protective factors in preschool victims of sexual abuse
Langevin, Rachel Hébert, Martine