Aboriginal policy and practice framework in British Columbia: A pathway towards restorative policy and practice that supports and honours Aboriginal peoples’ systems of caring, nurturing children and resiliency.

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Government of British Columbia

The Aboriginal Policy and Practice Framework is an overarching framework intended to improve outcomes for Aboriginal children, youth, families and communities through restorative policies and practices. It applies to policy and practice involving Aboriginal children, youth and families on and off reserve regardless if they are being served by a Delegated Aboriginal Agency or the Ministry of Children and Family Development. Restorative policies and practices are culturally safe and trauma-informed, supporting and honouring Aboriginal peoples’ cultural systems of caring and resiliency. The framework’s model for restorative policy and practice is Child, Youth, Family and Community-Centred; CultureCentred; Inclusive, Collaborative and Accountable; and focused on Resilience, Wellness and Healing.

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