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Article de journaux
Factors predicting central details in alleged child sexual abuse victims’ disclosure
Alonzo-Proulx, Agnès
Cyr, Mireille
Article de journaux
The disclosure experiences of male child sexual abuse survivors
Gagnier, Charlotte
Collin-Vézina, Delphine
Article de journaux
What Canadian Youth Tell Us About Disclosing Abuse

Ungar, Michael
Tutty, Leslie M.
McConnell, Sheri
Barter, Ken
Fairholm, Judi

Article de journaux
Childhood Maltreatment, Posttraumatic Stress Symptomatology, and Adolescent Dating Violence: Considering the Value of Adolescent Perceptions of Abuse and a Trauma Mediational Model

Wekerle, Christine
Wolfe, David
Hawkins, D. Lynn
Pittman, Anna-Lee
Glickman, Ashley
Lovald, Benedicte