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Experiences of child protection workers in collaborating with adult mental health providers: An exploratory study from Ontario, Canada

Mason, Robin
Du Mont, Janice
Paterson, Maeve
Hyman, Ilene

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In whose words? Struggles and strategies of service providers working with immigrant clients with limited language abilities in the violence against women sector and child protection services
Alaggia, Ramona
Maiter, Sarah
Jenney, Angelique
Article de journaux
The relation between interviewers’ personal characteristics and investigative interview performance in a child sexual abuse context
Lafontaine, Jonathan
Cyr, Mireille
Article de journaux
Evaluation of an In-Service Training Program for Child Welfare Practitioners

Turcotte, Daniel
Lamonde, Geneviève
Beaudoin, André

Article de journaux
Foster-parent training and foster-child outcomes: An exploratory cross-sectional analysis

Nash, Jordanna
Flynn, Robert J.

Article de journaux
Journal Watch: An Inter-University Collaborative Learning Partnership

Gough, Pamela
Lajoie, Jules
Shlonsky, Aron
Trocmé, Nico

Article de journaux
Geographic Location and Social Work Supervision in Child Welfare

Schmidt, Glen

Feuillet d'information
Programmes de formation parentale

Knoke, Della

Article de journaux
Perception of risk among child protection workers

Sullivan, Catherine
Whitehead, Paul C.
Leschied, Alan W.
Chiodo, Debbie
Hurley, Dermot

Article de journaux
Training and experience: Keys to enhancing the utility for foster parents of the Assessment and Action Record from Looking after Children

Pantin, Sarah
Flynn, Robert