A preliminary analysis of mortalities in the child intervention system in Alberta

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PolicyWise for Children & Families, Edmonton, AB: 44 pages.

Alberta Human Services has developed a five-point plan for improving Alberta’s child intervention system. The Child Intervention Roundtable is being held as part of that plan. The Roundtable will consider issues surrounding investigations and data on deaths of Albertan children.

Human Services has expressed the goal of establishing a more transparent and accountable reporting system. Such a system will help ensure better outcomes for the children and youth of Alberta. This is a goal that is shared by the ACCFCR. 

As a leader in supporting, conducting, and disseminating research on child well-being, the ACCFCR was asked by Alberta Human Services Minister Bhullar to participate in the roundtable. In particular, the ACCFCR was asked to examine the Ministry’s data on deaths of children who were known to intervention services.

This document presents the results of ACCFCR’s analysis and interpretation of the mortality data for the child intervention system. Advice is provided on appropriate next steps for research, data collection, and reporting practices.

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