The Ministry of Children’s Services is responsible for child welfare in Alberta. The Child, Youth, and Family Enhancement Act governs child protection and intervention services, which are provided in five regions, and through 19 delegated First Nations Agencies (Government of Alberta, 2021). Delegated First Nations Agencies (DFNAs) have authority to provide Child Intervention services to First Nations children living on-reserve. Children living off-reserve, as well as children living on a reserve that does not have a DFNA are protected by provincial Child Intervention services in their region (Government of Alberta, 2022).

The Protection of Sexually Exploited Children Act, the Drug-Endangered Children Act, and the Protection Against Family Violence Act also guide child welfare practice in Alberta, allowing caseworkers and social workers to intervene in a broad range of issues related to harm or risk of harm to children (Government of Alberta, 2021).

For more information, please see the information sheet on Alberta's child welfare system.

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