Household Risk Factors in Investigations Involving First Nations Children Living On Reserve and Off Reserve and Non-Indigenous Children in Canada in 2019

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Joh-Carnella, N., Fallon, B., & Saint-Girons, M. (2021). Household risk factors in investigations involving First Nations children living on reserve and off reserve and non-Indigenous children in Canada in 2019. CWRP Information Sheet #227E. Canadian Child Welfare Research Portal.

The data presented in this information sheet were collected as part of the First Nations/Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect 2019 (FN/CIS-2019), a data collection effort to produce estimates of the incidence of reported and investigated child maltreatment in Canada. This information sheet describes noted household risk factors in child maltreatment-related investigations involving First Nations and non-Indigenous children in Canada in 2019.

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