Cette section présente des informations sur les résultats des enfants et des jeunes qui sont pris en charge par les services de protection de l’enfance ou qui l’ont été.

Title Authors Year of Publication
Transforming Child Welfare in Manitoba: Reform. Renew. Results.

Government of Manitoba

Article de journaux
Clinical differences and outcomes of sexual abuse investigations by gender: Implications for policy and practice

Fallon, Barbara
Collin-Vézina, Delphine
King, Bryn
Joh-Carnella, Nicolette

Article de journaux
Examining the relationship between economic hardship and child maltreatment using data from the Ontario Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect-2013 (OIS-2013)

Lefebvre, Rachael
Fallon, Barbara
Van Wert, Melissa
Filippelli, Joanne

Exploring Youth Outcomes After Aging-Out of Care

Kovarikova, Jane

Article de journaux
A culturally relevant measure of client satisfaction in child welfare services
Mundy, Crystal
Neufeld, Amanda N. 
Wells, Susan J
Article de journaux
Child abuse and physical health in adulthood
Afifi, Tracie O.
MacMillan, Harriet L. 
Boyle, Michael
Cheung, Kristene
Taillieu, Tamara
Turner, Sarah
Sareen, Jitender
Article de journaux
Childhood maltreatment and the course of depressive and anxiety disorders: The contribution of personality characteristics

Hovens, Jacqueline G. F. M.
Giltay, Erik J.
van Hemert, Albert M.
Penninx, Brenda W. J. H.

Fairness for Children: A League Table of Inequality in Child Well-being in Rich Countries

UNICEF Office of Research

Fostering Success: Improving Educational Outcomes for Youth in/from Care

Rutman, Deborah

Hubberstey, Carol

Report of the Auditor General of Alberta: Human Services - Systems to Deliver Child and Family Services to Indigenous Children in Alberta

Auditor General of Alberta