Sexual Abuse Substantiation by Subtype and Outcomes of Sexual Abuse Investigations by Gender

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Fallon, Barbara
Collin-Vézina, Delphine 
King, Bryn
Joh-Carnella, Nicolette
Houston, Emmaline
Black, Tara


CWRP Information Sheet #188E. Toronto, ON: Canadian Child Welfare Research Portal.


The Ontario Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect, 2013 (OIS-2013) is the fifth provincial study to examine the incidence of reported child maltreatment and the characteristics of children and families investigated by child welfare authorities in Ontario. This Information Sheet examines sexual abuse substantiation by subtype and how boys and girls investigated by the child protection system for alleged sexual abuse compare on the likelihood of a transfer to ongoing services. There is a dearth of literature on differential outcomes and on child protection services by gender. Specifically, the differential outcomes experienced by boys and girls on child protection services to address their needs are not well researched.