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Children's rights impact assessments: A primer for New Brunswick

Whalen, Christian; Kotze, Gavin; Pollack, Candice Ashley, & Office of the Child and Youth Advocate

Transforming Child Welfare in Manitoba: Reform. Renew. Results.

Government of Manitoba

New Brunswick Family Services Act

The Government of New Brunswick

Social Work Act
New Brunswick Children in Care Regulations

Government of New Brunswick

Journal article
Development and preliminary evaluation of the Ontario Child Neglect Index

Trocmé, Nico

Ontario Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse or Neglect 1993 (OIS-1993)
Standards for Staffed Children's Residential Services Provided Under the Child, Family and Community Service Act 1998

Standards for Staffed Children's Residential Services Committee: 

  • Federation of Child and Family Services of British Columbia
  • Child and Youth Care Association of British Columbia
  • Federation of British Columbia Youth In Care Networks
  • British Columbia Federation of Foster Parent Associations
  • Provincial Association of Residential Community Alternatives
Ontario Risk Assessment Model Phase 1: Implementation and Training

Trocmé, Nico
Mertins-Kirkwood, Brigitte
MacFadden, Robert
Alaggia, Ramona
Goodman, Deborah

Newfoundland and Labrador Adoption Act

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador