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Information Sheet
Organization-Level Responses to Developmental Trauma for Adopted Children and Families in Ontario: Key Informant Perspectives III

Alman, Isayah 
Giokas, Danielle 
Filippelli, Joanne 
Fallon, Barbara

Journal article
Childhood adversity and the risk of substance use and delinquency: The role of protective adult relationships

Brown, Samantha M.
Shillington, Audrey M.

Journal article
Replication of the KEEP foster and kinship parent training program for youth with externalizing behaviors

Greeno, Elizabeth J.
Uretsky, Mathew C.
Lee, Bethany R.
Moore, Jessica E.
Barth, Richard P.
Shaw, Terry V.

Journal article
Subtypes of exposure to intimate partner violence within a Canadian child welfare sample: Associated risks and child maladjustment

Gonzalez, Andrea
MacMillan, Harriet
Tanaka, Masako
Jack, Susan M.
Tonmyr, Lil

Journal article
An examination of delinquency in a national Canadian sample of child maltreatment-related investigations

Van Wert, Melissa
Ma, Jennifer
Lefebvre, Rachael
Fallon, Barbara

Journal article
Emotion regulation and psychopathology in a sample of maltreated children

Muller, Robert T.
Vascotto, N. Angela
Konanur, Sheila
Rosenkranz, Susan

Journal article
The relationship between dimensions of physical abuse and aggressive behavior in a child protective services involved sample of adolescents

Ellenbogen, Stephen
Trocmé, Nico
Wekerle, Christine

Information Sheet
CIS-2008 Major Findings Supplementary Tables: Child Functioning Concerns by Primary Substantiated Maltreatment and Risk

Lefebvre, Rachael
Trocmé, Nico
Fallon, Barbara

Journal article
Understanding contextual effects on externalizing behaviors in children in out-of-home care: Influence of workers and foster families

Cheung, Connie
Goodman, Deborah
Leckie, George
Jenkins, Jennifer M.

Évaluation des processus et des effets du programme IRI-Accueil du CJM-IU : Rapport final d’évaluation

Dagenais, Christian
Dupont, Didier
Gratton, Geneviève