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Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work
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• Barbara Fallon: CIS Director and Co-Investigator, Principal Investigator for Ontario

(416) 978-2527

Barbara Fallon, MSW, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto. Dr. Fallon is the director and co-investigator for the Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect, 2008 (CIS-2008), and was the co-manager of the CIS-2003 and for the Ontario Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect, 2003 (OIS-2003) at the Center for Excellence in Child Welfare (CECW) at the University of Toronto Faculty of Social Work. She was also the co-manager of these studies during the CIS-1998. Dr. Fallon has managed several other national Canadian child welfare research projects. Research interests include child welfare workers, organizational behaviour and service delivery effectiveness. She has extensive experience in conducting research focusing primarily on women and children. Dr. Fallon has worked for 15 years in various capacities including program evaluation, child welfare, and non-profit management. She has published peer reviewed articles and book chapters on these topics.

Tara Black: Co-Manager

(416) 946-0218

Tara Black, MSW, PhD, is the co-manager for the CIS-2008 at the University of Toronto Faculty of Social Work, and was a Research Assistant for the CIS-2003. The title of Dr. Black’s doctoral thesis is, “Children’s Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV): Challenging Assumptions About Child Protection Practices”. Dr. Black has experience in conducting research with projects such as the reliability and predictive validity of a child welfare risk assessment tool. She has worked for eight years in various capacities including positions at youth treatment centres, front-line child protection, as a Research and Teaching Assistant for the Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto, and as a report writer for the United Nations Secretary General’s Violence Against Children Regional Consultation.

Caroline Felstiner: Co-Manager

(416) 978-1386

Caroline Felstiner, MSW is the co-manager for the CIS 2008 at the University of Toronto Faculty of Social Work. Ms. Felstiner worked for seven years as a front line child protection worker in Québec and Ontario. Ms. Felstiner participated in study planning, sampling, training, data collection and report writing for the CIS-2003. She completed her Master’s degree in Social Work at the University of Toronto in 2001.

Kate Schumaker: Co-Manager

(416) 978-1386

Kate Schumaker, MSW, is the co-manager for the CIS-2008 at the University of Toronto Faculty of Social Work. Kate worked for the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services, and in a child protection agency as a front-line worker and in a research capacity. Kate is currently a doctoral student at the University of Toronto Faculty of Social Work.

Tina Crockford: Site Researcher

(416) 978-1386

Tina Crockford, BA (Hons), is a site researcher for the CIS-2008 at the University of Toronto. Prior to joining the CIS team Tina worked as a Research Associate at the Centre of Excellence for Child Welfare. She has contributed to various articles and fact sheets on child welfare.

• Ken Barter: Site Researcher

(709) 737-2030

Ken Barter, PhD, RSW, is a professor with the School of Social Work, Memorial University, St. John’s, NL. He worked in public child welfare systems for 30 years prior to entering academia in 1995. His research and publications focus on community capacity building as an alternative approach to child protection. He has presented this approach to national and international audiences. Ken was involved in the previous two CIS studies and is currently the CIS representative for the three sites in the Atlantic provinces.

Carolyn Golden, Research Assistant

(416) 395-0580

Carolyn Golden, MSW, completed her degree requirements with the University of Toronto Faculty of Social Work through a field placement with the CIS-2008. Ms. Golden continues to assist in the orientation and data collection for the CIS-2008 while working as a front line worker at a child protection agency. Ms Golden has worked in child welfare for the past three years. Furthermore, she has previous experience working with the City of Toronto as an Integration Facilitator for children with special needs, as well as community level work regarding homelessness and mental health.

• Barbara Lee: Researcher Assistant

(416) 946-5099

Barbara Lee, BA, BSW (Child Welfare Specialization), MSW (Specializing in Children and Family and Collaborative Graduate Studies in Ethnic and Pluralism), is a doctoral student at the University of Toronto. Barbara Lee has worked in various capacities including positions at multicultural community agencies, youth residential group homes, and front-line child protection. Barbara Lee is a research assistant with the CIS-2008.

• Adina Herbert: Researcher Assistant

(416) 946-0218

Adina Herbert, BAH, MSW, is a post-graduate fellow at the Hincks Dellcrest Centre in Family Therapy. She has clinical experience working in children’s mental health and geriatric inpatient psychiatry, as well as working in recreational programs for children. Adina’s research interests include intergenerational mental health, and the way parents with mental health issues experience the child welfare system. Adina has been a research assistant with the CIS 2008 since April 2009.

• Christine DuRoss: Researcher Assistant

(416) 946-0218

Christine DuRoss, B.A. Hon., is a second-year MSW student at University of Toronto, in the Children and Families specialization. She has been working with the CIS-2008 since May 2009. Christine's academic background is in Psychology and her research interests are primarily in child welfare. Specifically, she is interested in studying maltreatment recurrence, out-of-home child welfare placements, and the risk assessment tools used by front line child protection workers.

• Melissa Van Wert: Researcher Assistant

(416) 978-1386

Melissa Van Wert, BAH, MSW in progress, has worked for the CIS-2008 as a research assistant since May 2009. Melissa has clinical experience working with children and teens with developmental disabilities, in both residential treatment settings and recreational settings. Her research interests include the intersection of the youth justice and child welfare systems, infant mental health and neglect, and First Nations child welfare.



Centre for Research on Children and Families
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Nico Trocmé: Principal Investigator, CIS and EIQ

(514) 398-5399

Nico Trocmé, MSW, PhD is a Professor and holds the Philip Fisher Chair in Social Work at the McGill University School of Social Work. Dr. Trocmé is the PI for the CIS-2008, and was the PI for the 1998 and 2003 cycles of the CIS. He is also involved with a number of research teams, including the development and evaluation of home-based comprehensive treatment model in situations of chronic neglect and a survey of risk and resilience for youth receiving child welfare services. Dr. Trocmé was the chair of the National Advisory Committee overseeing the evaluation of the Alberta Response Model and was as a member of the Ontario Panel of Experts on Child Protection and of the Panel d’experts for the Association des centres jeunesse du Québec. He has presented expert evidence at several coroner inquests and provides evaluation and service planning consultation to a number of child welfare organizations. Prior to completing his PhD, Dr. Trocmé worked for five years as a child welfare and children's mental health social worker.

Vandna Sinha: Principal Investigator – First Nations Component, CIS Co-investigator

(514) 398-4864

Vandna Sinha, PhD is a Postdoctoral Scholar at the Centre for Research on Children and Families in the McGill University School of Social Work. Dr. Sinha is the PI for the First Nations Component of the CIS-2008. Her research interests include the construction of community and the ways in which members of disadvantaged and minority communities address factors that limit their quality of life and access to opportunity. Her previous experience includes work on several research projects in the U.S. and Canada, which used a variety of research methods to explore questions of community in the context of neighborhoods, schools and social policy reforms. Prior to entering graduate school, Dr. Sinha spent five years working with neighborhood-based housing and children’s organizations.

Elizabeth Fast: Co-Manager

(514) 398-4864

Elizabeth Fast, MSW and doctoral student, is a co-manager for the CIS-2008 at the McGill University Faculty of Social Work, and coordinator of the First Nations component of the CIS. Elizabeth worked for six years in the field of child welfare in Ontario and Québec and has supervisory and training experience with front-line workers. Her research experience includes using file level data to measure levels of clinical “best practice” at one child welfare organization for cases of child sexual abuse.

Pamela Weightman: EIQ Coordinator

(514) 398-4864

Pamela Weightman, BSW and MSW student, is a coordinator of the Québec portion of the CIS-2008 at the McGill University Faculty of Social Work. Pamela worked in the field of child welfare for three years.

• Shelley Thomas Prokop, First Nations Research Associate

(306) 373-2874 or Toll Free: (866) 993-2874

Shelley Thomas Prokop, MCEd, is a member of the Beardys & Okemasis First Nation in Saskatchewan. She is the site researcher for the First Nations component of the CIS in Saskatchewan, Alberta and one site in British Columbia. Shelley has spent the last 15 years working in community development and research focusing on child welfare, intimate partner violence, and First Nations health. Throughout her work Shelley strives to ensure ethics and respect for all those she works with. Most of her work has been in Saskatchewan with First Nations people and communities.

• Tara Petti: MSW Practicum Student

(204) 232-6631

Tara Petti, BA, BSW, has worked in First Nation Child Welfare since 2001. She is currently employed at Southern First Nations Network of Care as Director of Quality Assurance and is completing an MSW through the distance education program at the University of Calgary. Tara is very interested in child welfare research, particularly in First Nations child welfare, and is delighted to work with this team!

• Meghan Mulcahy: Research Assistant

(514) 476-0154

Meghan Mulcahy, MSW,  was a research assistant with the Centre for Research on Children and Families. Meghan's qualitative thesis research explores how mothers make meaning of a child protection encounter. Meghan has worked as an outreach worker in both urban British Columbia and rural Nova Scotia, providing strength and harm-reduction based advocacy, group work and supportive counseling to women and adolescent girls.

• Michele Sullivan: Research Assistant

(514) 244-9396

Michele Sullivan, BSW,  has professional experience that includes over ten years in management roles with a focus on training and development. She provided overall organizational support to the CIS and other projects at the Centre for Research on Children and Families.

• Martin Chabot: Psychometrician

(514) 398-6656

Martin Chabot has completed undergraduate and graduate studies in mathematics, cognitive psychology and psychometry. Martin has work on the Plate-forme informationnelle pour le bien-être de l’enfant (PIBE) project and is currently working at the Centre for Research on Children and Families. He is responsible for database construction, merging and maintenance, data analysis and planning.



Faculty of Social Work
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Calgary, AB
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Bruce MacLaurin: Co-Investigator, PI for Oversampling studies in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan

(403) 220-4698

Bruce MacLaurin, MSW, PhD (Cand.) is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary. He is the co-investigator for the CIS-2008, and was the co-manager of the CIS-2003 and PI for the Alberta Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect, 2003. Previously he worked at the Bell Canada Child Welfare Research Unit where he was involved as the co-manager of the CIS-1998 and a research associate for the national Client Outcomes in Child Welfare Project. He was the co-investigator on a CIHR street youth study examining health and HIV. His research and publishing has focused on child welfare service delivery, foster care outcomes, child maltreatment, and street youth in Canada, and he has more than 15 years experience in non-profit children’s services in Alberta and Ontario.

Janet Douglas: Manager - British Columbia Incidence Study

Janet Douglas, MSW, PhD (Cand.), has been involved with the CIS since 1998, and is the British Columbia Incidence Study Manager for the 2008 cycle. She has been a child protection social worker for over twenty-years, and is currently working on her PhD at the University of British Columbia. Her research interests include the health status of children living in marijuana grow-operations, child welfare decision-making, and social worker safety.

Rick Enns: Investigator of the Alberta Incidence Study (AIS-2008) and the Saskatchewan Incidence Study (SIS-2008)

(780) 492-6971

Rick Enns PhD, RSW, completed a MSW specializing in family therapy with adolescents at the University of Manitoba in 1991. He completed his PhD in Educational Psychology at the University of Alberta in 2001. His doctoral studies examined the effects of intensive, home-based services for adolescents in conflict with the law alongside the effects of existing clinic-based services. His teaching interests include social work practice with families, research and evaluation, mental health, and Aboriginal issues. He has conducted archival research into industrial and residential schools across the prairies and early child welfare services for Aboriginal children, and is currently involved in a number of research projects focusing on immigration and housing across the prairies.

• Richard Feehan: Co-Investigator of the AIS-2008 and the SIS-2008

(780) 435-5938

Richard Feehan, MSW, has been a Social Worker in Alberta since 1982. Over the years, he has worked as a child welfare worker in Edmonton, Alberta and Guelph and Wellington County, Ontario. He was in private practice from 1987 to 2000 with a specialization in the area of child sexual abuse. Subsequently, he was the Director of Family Services at Catholic Social Services and has most recently been teaching in the Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary, Edmonton Division. Presently, Richard is completing his PhD in Human Ecology – Family Studies. His dissertation will focus on modeling the relationship between family functioning and social inclusion with low income families.

Jill Holroyd: SIS Representative

(306) 787-3613

Jill Holroyd, BA, BSW, started working for the Department of Social Services in 1990 as a front line worker in the Income Assistance field. She moved to Child and Family Services in 1996 and worked as a front line worker for nine years. During this time she worked in the areas of Young Offenders, Child Protection, Services to Children in Care, Teen and Young Parent Program and Adoption. In 2005 she moved to Central Office where she worked on a workload measurement project. Jill started working in her current position in the Research and Evaluation Branch in 2006. In this position, her main focus has been on data analysis especially in the area of Child and Family Services.

Alison Barker: Research Assistant

(604) 924-8166

Alison Barker, BA, BSW, is a research assistant with CIS, as well as a social worker with the Ministry of Children and Family Development Provincial After Hours team in Vancouver. She completed her BA at UBC in 1994, followed by her BSW at UVIC in 1997.

• Janet Farnell: Program Manager in the Government of Saskatchewan

(306) 787-7222

Janet Farnell is the Senior Program Manager and Child Protection / Interprovincial Coordinator in the Family Support and Child Protection Services unit of the Ministry of Social Services in Saskatchewan.

Jordan Gail: Research Associate

(403) 220-8662

Jordan Gail, MSW student is a research associate with the CIS-2008 at the University of Calgary Faculty of Social Work. Jordan worked for two years for Alberta Children's Services as a case manager specializing in domestic violence (Lethbrige) and a generalist caseworker (Crowsnest Pass). Notable research experience includes a qualitative study on 'Attributions for poverty amongst Evangelicals' (on-going) as well as work with the Centre for Social Work Research and Professional Development.

Scott Horvath: CIS Research Assistant – Central and Northern British Columbia

(250) 565-6643

Scott Horvath, BA, BSW, originally came to British Columbia from Saskatchewan where he worked for various government departments, youth services, probation and corrections. He has been a resident of Prince George since 1993 and has enjoyed a varied career with the Ministry for Children and Family Development. Scott has been a front line child protection worker, team leader, community services manager and is currently the operational planner and project coordinator for the region. Scott has a Bachelor degree in sociology from the University of Saskatchewan, a Bachelor of social work degree from the University of Regina, and is currently writing his thesis for a Masters of Social Work from the University of Northern British Columbia. His area of research is developing a better understanding of how information technology can better support clinical and administrative case management for social workers.


Centre Jeunesse de Montréal - Institut Universitaire (CJM-IU)

Institut Universitaire
1001, Boul. Maisonneuve Est,
Montréal, QC
H2L 4R5

• Sonia Hélie: Chercheure co-responsable de l'ÉIQ

(514) 896-3497

Sonia Hélie, PhD, s’intéresse à l’épidémiologie des mauvais traitements envers les enfants et aux trajectoires des enfants dans les services de protection de la jeunesse. Elle est co-responsable de la troisième étude d’incidence québécoise sur les signalements en protection de la jeunesse et de l’évaluation d’impact de la nouvelle Loi sur la protection de la jeunesse. Ses travaux récents portent sur la récurrence des signalements, la durée d’intervention et la discontinuité des services en protection de la jeunesse, des analyses entièrement réalisées à partir des données PIJ. Elle s’est également impliquée dans les travaux de la Plateforme informationnelle pour le bien-être de l’enfant (PIBE), un partenariat provincial recherche-CJ dont le but est de favoriser l’exploitation des données PIJ pour réaliser des recherches pertinentes pour les CJ. Ces travaux lui ont permis de développer une expertise précieuse dans l’analyse des données administratives, une connaissance approfondie des services de protection de la jeunesse et des formes de maltraitance. Elle est membre du GRAVE-Ardec et de l’IRDS depuis 1997.

Audrée-Jade Carignan: Coordinatrice de l'ÉIQ

(514) 896-3149

Audrée-Jade Carignan, MA, est l'un des coordonnatrices del'étude d'incidence québécoise ainsi que del'évaluation d'impact des nouvelles dispositions de la loi sur la protection de la jeunesse à l'Institut de recherche pour le développement social des jeunes (Centre jeunesse de Montréal-institut universitaire). Audrée-Jade a complété un baccalauréat en sexologie et une maîtrise en sexologie profil intervention-recherche. Elle travaille depuis 3 ans dans le domaine de l'élaboration, de l'implantation et de l'évaluation de programmes auprès des jeunes en difficulté d'apprentissage et d'adaption fréquentant les secteurs d'adaptation scolaire.

Geneviève Lamonde: Coordinatrice de l'ÉIQ

(418) 661-6951, poste 1722

Geneviève Lamonde, MSS, est professionnelle de recherche à l’équipe scientifique du Centre jeunesse de Québec–Institut universitaire depuis l’automne 2002. Elle a collaboré à plusieurs projets de recherche, notamment en évaluation de programmes. Elle œuvre à titre de coordonnatrice pour le volet québécois de l’étude canadienne d’incidence.



École de service social
Pavillon Charles-De Koninck, bureau 5444
Québec, QC
G1K 7P4

Daniel Turcotte: Chercheur co-responsable de l'EIQ

(418) 656-2131, poste 2058

Daniel Turcotte, PhD, est professeur titulaire à l’École de service social de l’Université Laval et chercheur au Centre de recherche JEFAR et au Centre jeunesse de Québec-Institut universitaire. Ses enseignements portent sur l’intervention sociale auprès des groupes et sur les méthodes qualitatives. Ses recherches ont trait à l’évaluation des programmes et des services s’adressant aux jeunes et aux familles à risque.