Title Authors Year of Publication
Journal article
Is the families first home visiting program effective in reducing child maltreatment and improving child development?

Chartier, Mariette J
Brownell, Marni D
Isaac, Michael R
Chateau, Dan
Nickel, Nathan C
Katz, Alan
Sarkar, Joykrishna
Hu, Milton
Taylor, Carole

Information Sheet
Early childhood home visiting programs

Knoke, Della

Families First: A Process and Outcome Evaluation of Nurse, Home Visitor and Parent Perspectives

Ek, Noreen
Frankel, Sid

Journal article
Effectiveness of Home Visitation by Public-Health Nurses in Prevention of the Recurrence of Child Physical Abuse and Neglect: a Randomised Controlled Trial

MacMillan, Harriet
Thomas, B Helen
Jamieson, Ellen
Walsh, Christine A.
Boyle, Michael
Shannon, Harry
Gafni, Amiram

Journal article
The ethics of relation: public health nurses and child protection clients

Marcellus, Lenora