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Title Authors Year of Publication
The Child Welfare Toolkit. The "Without Notice Removal". Brief #2

Cheryl Milne & Barbara Fallon (Co-Investigators), Alina Valachi, David Baldridge, Alison Gillanders, Imran Kamal

Journal article
Teachers’ Responses to Child Maltreatment

Glouchkow, A., Weegar, K., & Romano, E.

Journal article
Associations between exposure to adverse childhood experiences and biological aging: Evidence from the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging

Mian, O. 

Belsky, D. W.

Cohen, A. A. 

Anderson, L. N. 

Gonzalez, A. 

Ma, J.

Sloboda, D. M. 

Bowdish, D. M. 

Verschoor, C. P. 

Journal article
The overrepresentation of First Nations children in the Ontario child welfare system: A call for systemic change

Quinn, A.

Fallon, B.

Joh-Carnella, N.

Saint-Girons, M.

Journal article
The differential association of socioeconomic vulnerabilities and neglect-related child protection involvement across geographies: Multilevel structural equation modeling

Esposito, T.

Chabot, M.

Caldwell, J.

Webb, C.

Delaye, A.

Fluke, J. D.

Trocmé, N.

Bywaters, P.

Journal article
Young mothers’ use of and experiences with mental health care services in Ontario, Canada: a qualitative descriptive study

Jack, S. M.

Duku, E.

Whitty, H.

Van Lieshout, R. J. 

Niccols, A.

Georgiades, K.

Lipman, E. L. 

Journal article
Parent-Child Separations and Mental Health among First Nations and Métis Peoples in Canada: Links to Intergenerational Residential School Attendance

McQuaid, R. J.

Schwartz, F. D.

Blackstock, C. 

Matheson, K.

Anisman, H.

Bombay, A. 

Journal article
Adolescent health outcomes: associations with child maltreatment and peer victimization

Salmon, S. 

Garcés Dávila, I.

Taillieu, T. L. 

Stewart-Tufescu, A.

Duncan, L. 

Fortier, J.

Struck, S.

Georgiades, K. 

MacMillan, H. L. 

Kimber, M.

Gonzalez, A.

Afifi, T. O. 

Journal article
The protective role of internal/external factors on Covid-19 related stressors among resource parents

Zak, S.

Gallitto, E.

Romano, E.

Information Sheet
Investigation and placement types in off reserve investigations involving First Nations children aged 0-17 in Canada in 2019

Fallon, Barbara 
Joh-Carnella, Nicolette
Saint-Girons, Marie 
Livingston, Eliza