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Title Authors Year of Publication
Information Sheet
Child Custody / Access Disputes in Child Maltreatment-Related Investigations in Ontario in 2018

Black, T., Fallon, B., Joh-Carnella, N., & Allan, K.

OACAS Webinar. Ontario Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect 2023 (OIS-2023)

Barbara Fallon, PHD

Journal article
Prospective effects of peer support and gender roles on the mental health and work functioning of child protection workers exposed to potentially traumatic events

Guay, S., Lemyre, A., Guédé, R., Juster, R.-P., & Geoffrion, S.

Journal article
The more we change the more we stay the same: Canadian child welfare systems’ response to child well-being

Fallon, B., Joh-Carnella, N., Houston, E., Livingston, E., & Trocmé, N.

Journal article
Childhood experiences, growing up “in care,” and trust: A quantitative analysis

Brown, D.

Information Sheet
Manitoba's Child Welfare System

Milne, L., Petrella, A. & Trocmé, N.


Journal article
Number of placement changes among young people in care: Youth and caregiver associations

Stenason, L., & Romano, E.

Social Identification of Race in Canada Fact Sheet

Sansone, G., Adnan, A., Fallon, B., Vandermorris, A., & Crowe, A.

Social Identification of Race in Canada Policy Brief

Sansone, G., Fallon, B., Vandermorris, A., Adnan, A., Crowe, A. 

Journal article
Development of the Successful Transitions Assessment Tool (STAT) for Crossover Youth (COY): Youth voice and expert feedback with a Delphi approach

Dubov, V.

Agnihotri, S.

Goodman, D.

Patel, M.