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Title Authors Year of Publication
Journal article
Indigenous Service Provider Perspectives of an Online Education Module to Support Safe Clinical Encounters about Family Violence in Canada

Wekerle, C., McQueen, K. C. D., Barker, B., Acai, A., Smith, S., Allice, I., & Kimber, M

Journal article
Association between child welfare reporting rates and the developmental vulnerability of kindergarten children at the neighborhood level

R.-Turgeon, N.

Gagné, M. H.

Isabelle, M.

Information Sheet
Ontario’s child welfare system

Petrella, Alessia 

Trocmé, Nico

Journal article
Adverse Childhood Experiences and Education Outcomes among Adolescents: Linking Survey and Administrative Data

Stewart-Tufescu, A.

Struck, S.

Taillieu, T.

Salmon, S.

Fortier, J.

Brownell, M.

Chartier, M.

Yakubovich, A. R.

Afifi, T. O.

Journal article
A Multilevel Examination of Whether Child Welfare Worker Characteristics Predict the Substantiation Decision in Canada

Lwin, K., Fallon, B., Filippelli, J., & Trocmé, N.


Journal article
Child protective services during COVID-19 and doubly marginalized children: International perspectives
Information Sheet
Children in Foster Care in Canada in 2016 & 2021

Black, T.

Trocmé, N.

Fallon, B.

Houston, E.

Journal article
Longitudinal trajectories of depressive symptoms among sexually abused adolescents involved in child protection services

Edwards, D.

Collin-Vézina, D.

Danbrook, M. C.

Wekerle, C.

The, M. A. P. R. T.

Information Sheet
Child Welfare Investigations involving Latin American Children in Ontario in 2018

Henry Parada, Barbara Fallon, Laura M Best, Joanne Filippeli

Information Sheet
Investigaciones de Bienestar Infantil Involucrando a Niños Latinoamericanos en Ontario en el 2018

Henry Parada, Barbara Fallon, Laura M Best, Joanne Filippelli