Child and Family Development Service Standards

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Ministry of Children and Family Development, British Columbia, 146 pages.

The purpose of the Child and Family Development Service Standards is to promote consistent high-quality service for vulnerable children, youth and families while enabling flexibility in the way services are provided to meet the unique needs, capacities and resources of communities.

The standards provide the mandatory framework for service delivery and apply to anyone providing service under the Child, Family and Community Service Act (CFCSA), including those delegated to deliver services under the CFCSA as well as contracted service providers. Specifically, the Child and Family Service Standards apply to family support services and agreements, youth services and child protection services under the act. The Child and Family Service Standards also make reference to the Standards for Youth Support Services and Agreements, which articulate required practice when providing a youth service response under s.2.1 of the CFCSA. The Children in Care Service Standards apply to meeting guardianship responsibilities for children in care.

The standards are not based on a particular service delivery model. Rather, they are designed to be flexible enough to work within a variety of service delivery approaches.

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