An Epidemiological Study of Children Exposure to Violence in the Fragile Families Study

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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Princeton, NJ: 25 pages.

"A large body of research shows that children raised in low-income families are exposed 
to more violence than children raised in high-income families, including neighborhood 
violence, domestic violence and parental violence, also referred to as „harsh parenting.‟ 
Violence, in turn, is known to be associated with children‟s mental health and human 
capital development. This report summarizes what we have learned from the Fragile 
Families and Child Wellbeing Study about the prevalence, predictors and consequences 
of children‟s exposure to 1) neighborhood violence, 2) intimate partner violence (IPV) 
and 3) harsh parenting.
We begin by summarizing findings from studies that examine the prevalence, predictors 
and consequences of neighborhood violence. Next we review studies that examine this 
set of parameters for intimate partner violence. We end by examining harsh parenting. 
For each type of violence, we pay special attention to racial/ethnic and nativity 
differences" (McLanahan et al., p. 1).