Growing Up in B.C.

Canadian CW report

British Columbia Representative for Children and Youth
British Columbia Office of the Provincial Health Officer

Victoria, BC: Representative for Children and Youth and the Office of the Provincial Health Officer

While many British Columbians feel fortunate to live in a province full of promise and opportunities for healthy, safe and rewarding lives, many other British Columbians do not have access to the resources and opportunities they need to be healthy and to achieve well-being. Of even greater concern is that many of these are children.

As a first step to improving the circumstances and outcomes for B.C.’s children and youth we need to understand how they are doing today. This report investigates and details findings for the following questions: 1) How well are all children and youth across the province doing? 2) What is happening with children and youth in the care of the government? 3) What is unique about the well-being of Aboriginal children and youth? and 4) What do young people think are important indicators of their own well-being?