Growing up in B.C. - 2015

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Victoria, BC: Representative for Children and Youth and the Office of the Provincial Health Officer

"This joint report between the Representative for Children and Youth and the Provincial Health Officer examines the question, “How are our children doing right now?” The report finds that while there have been some improvements, vulnerable children and youth, especially Aboriginal children and those in government care, continue to lag behind their peers. In addition, it found that with changes to the way governments are collecting data, it’s getting harder to get a clear picture of the well-being of B.C. children and youth.

As a follow-up to the first Growing Up in B.C. issued in 2010, it documents six areas of child health and well-being, with the voices of experts and youth prominent throughout. While there are some positive findings, the results paint a picture of the struggles vulnerable children and youth continue to face with poverty, education, health concerns, safety, risky behaviours and maintaining connections to their families and communities."


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