From the House of Commons resolution to Pictou Landing Band Council v. Canada: An update on the implementation of Jordan’s Principle

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First Peoples Child and Family Review 9(1), 80-91

Jordan’s Principle is a child-first principle intended to ensure to ensure that Status First Nations children are not subjected to delay, denial, or disruption of services due to jurisdictional disputes between governments or government departments. In 2007, Jordan’s Principle received unanimous support from the House of Commons. Still, Jordan’s Principle has not yet been fully implemented in any Canadian jurisdiction. This article draws on publicly available information to outline the federal and provincial administrative responses to Jordan’s Principle. It also provides an overview of an ongoing legal challenge which is based on Jordan’s Principle and which has the potential to set legal precedents which have important implications for the implementation of Jordan’s Principle. (Sinha & Blumenthal, p. 80)

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